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Not to oversell this, but watching this re-enactment was riveting - made me re-think how both candidates came across during the real debates.
— Steve Kornacki, MSNBC


Changing Perspectives

Her Opponent is a re-staging of excerpts of the 2016 presidential debates with gender-reversed casting that uses verbatim performance to explore the following question: Could experiencing what the two U.S. presidential candidates said and how they said it during the three 2016 presidential debates -- but with the genders inverted -- cause people to revisit their own personal biases and develop insights or a different perspective? 


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What Audiences are Saying

Tonight was a bit frightening as I experienced on myself what I always thought is true of ‘others’: the speed and ease with which I can be manipulated by form. Sobering experience.
I was struck by the strength of the technique... Attack. Consistently attack. Never stop attacking.